SKF Power Transmission is a product line that provides a complete range of high quality belts, chains, couplings, pulleys, sprockets, bushings and hubs.

Required in virtually every industry, power transmission components enable processes to run by connecting moving parts in machinery.


A well designed belt drive will transmit power for many years with minimal maintenance. As such, investing in high quality belts reduces the total cost of ownership of your machinery in the long run.

SKF offers a complete assortment of both standard and high performance belts which can be installed in many different applications.


High performance belts by OPTIBELT hold up to extreme conditions, large machinery for construction, stone crushers, cement mixers, coal fired power plants. Everywhere, where dust, heat, cold, aggressive chemicals or enormous rotation speeds put the materials to a difficult test. OPTIBELT displays it's strengths.


Belt performance is highly dependent on pulley performance. High quality pulleys significantly increase belt life and reduce the total cost of ownership of your machinery.


A well designed chain drive transmits mechanical power from one shaft to another efficiently. SKF chains are manufactured in state of the art facilities with tight quality controls. All products conform to ISO standards.

The H, SH, SPH and SHH series of chains offer excellent strength and load capacity for demanding applications and shock loading. This has been achieved by the use of thicker plates, greater plate profile and the use of through hardened pins, providing improved service life.


SKF sprockets come in a wide range of sizes. With a comprehensive selection available, you will never have to worry about finding the perfect size for your application.

SKF sprockets are available in various hub configurations such as plate, single and double hub. They also come with optional taper bushes for ease of installation and removal.


SKF offers a wide range of standard and customised coupling products. SKF couplings cover a wide range of coupling types, sizes and capacity ratings for many applications and factory environments.

SKF grid couplings are heavy duty couplings with incredibled design flexibility and are an economical choice for many applications. Very high torque ratings, along with large bore capacities, give this coupling a great advantage over other types of couplings.


SKF bushings and hubs are made of high quality steel, with most phosphate coated or blackened for improved corrosion resistance. All SKF bushings can be easily installed and removed with basic tools which results in minimal down time each time they are fitted.

With a comprehensive range of metric and imperial bore sizes of taper and QD bushings available, no additional machining is needed.