More than 7500 solutions for cutting, grinding and surface processing.

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INOX, Lubrication

Catering for most applications such as mining, transport, food & beverage, boating and automotive.

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For every industrial maintenance, repair and overhaul challenge , LOCTITE products provide solutions across the whole spectrum of adhesive technologies and manufacturing processes.

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Multi use product that protects metal from rust and corrosion, penetrates stuck parts, displaces moisture and lubricates almost anything. It even removes grease, grime and more from most surfaces.

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Recoils range of quality wire thread inserts enables you to produce strong, permanent threads in metals and plastics but are particularly useful for creating strong threads in softer materials such as aluminium, titanium and magnesium alloys.

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Rocol is a world leader in cutting fluid technology. With the renowned RTD hand applied cutting lubricant for metal working. Also specialising in food safe lubricants and bearing grease.

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